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Sur Hotel sur Oman beating at the heart of the beautiful and historical city of Sur. And only two hundred kilometers away from Muscat Airport. Sur Hotels  Oman presents visitors of this stunning Omani coastal city with comfortable, affordable, and memorable accommodations.

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Sur Hotel Sur Oman best hotel in the city center of Sur 12


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You will love the people in your surroundings and the warmth in their smiley faces. And, you will appreciate the exemplary service our staff will present. Making sure your stay at our hotel is as pleasurable and as memorable as you could never imagine. We are all committed to making sure your trip to Oman and the city of Sur will be an unforgettable getaway.

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Sur hotel is a small one-star , but you get 3 stars service. We advised our staff to take special care of your need to make you feel happy and comfortable in our cheap rooms. We always try to give our best to our guest and we always ask our guests the best hotels in Sur for feedback after during their stay lesson to their fee.

Our clean and cozy rooms are all equipped with bathrooms and showers, hot and cold water. Air conditioning, satellite television, telephone, and Free Wi-Fi for internet connection. Sur hotel built and open since 1984

Which hotels in Sur are good for couples?.

Sur Hotel.

How much does it cost to stay at Sur Hotel?.

Very cheap price, the cheapest in Oman. see our price

About Sur City

The people of Sur City are keen to pass on these crafts to generations in light of government support for them, by encouraging the manufacture of ships and woodwork and building small models for Omani ships, to be used in the decoration work and participation in exhibitions inside and outside the Sultanate. The growing marine tourism activity has increased the demand for some types of ships, in addition to the demand for the restoration of old ships and the large use of large vessels for fishing.
Turtle Center and Reserve
The Ras Al Jinz Scientific Center, which was implemented by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of the Oman LNG, is an important tourist destination that attracts many visitors at the level of the Sultanate and abroad and of various nationalities.
Arts and industries
The city of Tire, its parliament, and its villages are rich in an enormous amount of ancient and varied folk arts, such as the arts of Al-Razha, Al-Azi, Al-Midan, Al-Sharh, Al-Mukawara, Al-Tanboura, Al-Shoubani, Al-Hamboura, Al-Madima, Imam, Al-Tariq, Al-Mazifina, Al-Maghaid, Abu Al-Zulf, Hempel, Al-Gharood Al-Khail, Al-Khail, marine arts, and traditional women’s arts. Mock gold, silver, leather, and palmette industries in addition to agriculture.

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Digital Award TRA 2022

Digital Award TRA 2022


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