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Facilities and Services of Sur hotel in Sur Oman, the best Facilities and Services in Sur hotels.

The best prices makes our services unbeatable we make sure our guest will enjoy every services we provide. since Sur hotel built in 1984 all guest were happy to stay that we are the best.

fitness Room

Facilities and Services Fitness room of Sur Hotel in Sur Oman opt

Sur Hotel in sur Oman fitness room, if you are planning to visit sur and you do not want to miss your daily Gym training.
sur hotel offer you fitness room with almost the perfect machine for your fitness, and its free to use from arely more to late night.
also you can make it private and pay some extra charge.


Laundry of Sur Hotel in Sur Oman small opt

Sur Hotel Laundry, very quick laundry service.
we made cloth washing very easily, if you are travelling and you do not have a time to wash your cloth, we will do it for you with some extra charge.
our staff are professional in laundry service and in just three hours you will get back your laundry, in Sumer you may get it withn one hour.
we take special car of your cloth, so Sur hotel the best hotel to stay.

Free Wifi

WIFi of Sur Hotel in Sur Oman small opt

Free Wifi, we are in sur hotel we know very well what everyone in need of WiFi service.
now days the internet service required like food and drink.
with high speed free Wifi of sur hotel you will stay connected with your family and freinds, you can send the photos of your visit to Oman.
or even you can use the internet for your daily business operation.

Tour service

Tours of Sur Hotel in Sur Oman  opt 1

Sur hotel offer Tours to tourist attraction places.
many people travel over Oman using public transport or taxi from city to other city,
in sur hotel we made it easy for travel to reach the attraction places.
in sur Oman and around Sur there are many nice places to see like Wadi Shab, wadi tiwi, Turtle beach and wadi bani khald and many places.,
we offer tours to those places with very cheap price.

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